Photoshop can’t save file – disk full

Sunday I upgraded my Windows Home server with a new 2TB hdd, because it was becoming full.

Then, I saved an image in Photoshop 7, and i get an error “Disk full”

What?? The server has more than 1.3 TB free!

I search for a solution from Adobe and I find:

“Adobe recommends that you not save directly to servers, because writing directly to servers adds a level of complexity to the function of saving.”

Oh, great! They won’t fix the bug!

It happens that Photoshop has a known bug from year 2002 that won’t save a file in a disk that has more than 1 TB free!

How to fix the problem? Unfortunately, the only way is to create an huge garbage file to have less than 1 TB free.

How to create an huge garbage file in a short time? It’s very easy, using the command prompt!¬†ūüĎć

First open the command prompt with administrative privileges (On Vista and Windows 7, select “run as administrator”, on XP and below, just run it)

Then, write:

net use z: \\server\yoursharename

The share will be temporarily connected as z:, and going in z: and writing dir this comes out:

Directory Z:\

17/01/2011  19:31    <DIR>          .
17/01/2011  19:31    <DIR>          ..

0 File              0 byte
0 Directory  1.282.964.344.832 byte available

We must have less than 1000 billions of bytes available to have Photoshop working on this drive, so we have to create a file that has a size of at least 283 billions of bytes.

For creating an huge file in seconds, we use fsutil, that has this syntax:

Z:\>fsutil file createnew 12000

Where 12000 is the size in bytes

I wrote this è:

Z:\>fsutil file createnew photoshop.bug 290000000000
The file Z:\photoshop.bug has been created
Directory Z:\

24/05/2011  10:59    <DIR>          .
24/05/2011  10:59    <DIR>          ..
24/05/2011  10:59 photoshop.bug
1 File byte
0 Directory  992.930.263.040 byte available

After that, Photoshop 7 allowed to save files in that location¬†ūüėČ

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