During the shutdown, Florence is empty

Due to the COVID.19 outbreak, Italy is under shutdown, everyone is forced at home.

I had to go to downtown for work, and I was shocked to see the Duomo area, a tourist spot that is usually swarming with people, totally empty:

Someone far away just got some prescription from the Pharmacy, one of the few stores allowed to be open
Go straight for the train station, nobody in sight.
The Cascine park is also deserted. (And now police completely sealed up the area)

Wow!!! In Florence I can line without actually stay in the line!!

Incredible! Today I went to the city hall to get a certificate. When I got in, I saw the waiting room… I had 30 people waiting before me… boring… I hate waiting in line. Then, I read a notice, using the Qurami app it’s possible to take a number and book the spot on the line. Cool!!! This is what I love about tech!!!

I always hated to waste my time waiting for hours for my turn! Now I can get on a virtual line and focus my time on something more important for example this:

Comune Pokemon

In Italy an year has 13 months

…this is what the Italian phone companies have decided to do, to get some free money from their subscribers.

How they did it?

They changed every existing contract from “monthly payment” to “pay every 4 weeks”. There are 52 weeks in an year, so they get a full free month every year! A nice way to increase their price almost 10% without let the average customer notice it on the bill!

TIM and Wind got fined 400000 euro from the Government, but that’s not enough. With 20 million customers, they will steal 200 extra millions euro every year (assuming that an average phone plan is 10 euro). Just 400k it’s not enough, they’ll just pay the fine and continue getting the free extra money.