Send all new files saved in a directory as email attachments

I wanted to send by email scans made with the printer I have at work. Once I have them in my email, it’s easier to archive/send them more easily.

Problem: the printer software is bugged and doesn’t allow to use my long, complex password, so I had two options:

  • Change the email password to be shorter
  • Think a workaround via a linux server

Obviously I opted for the second option!

It works like this: we tell the printer to save the PDFs on a network share, inotifywait waits that a new file is created, and then sendEmail sends it as an email attachment

The script has to be ran in a screen, and it runs in an infinite loop

Adobe sends invoices that are looking like spam

Unfortunately, needing it for work, I had to buy rent Photoshop CC.

After a few days I get the invoice by email:


Nlar? Who’s that? I almost pressed on “report spam”, when I see that’s an Adobe invoice. I open the email:


??? What the…?? They send an invoice (very important, because otherwise I can’t deduct the 19% VAT from it), like this, in an empty email, without a “thanks for giving us money, even if you hate us“???

If I didn’t remember to have bought rented it, I would have definitely deleted the invoice, since they sent it 3 days after the subscription!

Adobe commits suicide?

Adobe just announced their plans for the future.

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and all their professional softwares have been discontinued, replaced by a “cloud” subscription version.

Well, for me, it’s like they disappeared from the market: I use Photoshop and other programs for my work, but usually I update every 2 versions, paying 5-600 euro every 4 years, with the big advantage that the software is mine, forever.

With their new pricing, now it’s a subscription, with prices that reach 100 euro monthly!!!!

Maybe for a big corporation a 100 euro subscription is small money, but for a small contractor like me it’s a LOT of money.

Maybe it’s because last year their revenue was “just” 4.4 billion of dollars, why not try to make more and more?