Finally BB10 for the PlayBook!


Yes!!! It’s here!!! Finally, after one long year, BB10 for the PlayBook it’s here!!! Here are the new additions:

  • Runtime Android 4.2
  • USB Host and Dropbox/Box/Onedrive support
  • BB10 Keyboard
  • BBM
  • Cascades
  • + but still the same PlayBook design!!!

Quick, download it!!!

Update: this is an April’s fool. The BlackBerry PlayBook has been declared EOL and won’t get any more updates. Killed, will ever have this “half-baked” operating system. What a pity. 😢 But after more than 3 years, how we can pretend to get an update? Other brands stop giving updates after a few months…

How to know the IP address on BlackBerry 10

retebb10If you want to know what is the IP address that is assigned on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone, just go in Settings, then tap on “About”, then select “Network” from the drop-down menu.

You will find the basic info, ip address on the Wi-Fi network and on the mobile network.

If you need more, go back on “Network Connections”, tap “Wi-Fi”, then “Advanced”

In the various tabs you will find also the gateway ip address, the dns servers, diagnostics, ping, traceroute and other advanced settings.