Confirmed! (Some) Nokia 1100 can be reprogrammed for evil purposes!

A month ago, PCWorld gave the news that some Nokia 1100, were sold for 25000 euro on the black market. This is because that phone, if was produced in a now-closed production plant in Bochum, Germany, was supposed to be able to spoof another number, and receive calls and sms from the spoofed number. This can be used to receive authentication codes from banks and steal money from “phished” accounts.

A month ago, this was just speculation, as nobody was understanding why someone will pay up to 25000 euro to get a phone from the year 2003. Today, in a Yahoo Tech news, has been announced that Ultrascan, a security firm, has managed to modify the firmware to spoof not only the IMEI, but also the IMSI, thus enabling the subscriber number spoofing! So, they managed to receive someone else’s SMS. Moreover, they noticed that in Morocco, another Nokia 1100 has been sold for 5500 euro. 😲

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2 thoughts on “Confirmed! (Some) Nokia 1100 can be reprogrammed for evil purposes!

    1. I didn’t know. But i seached for “ultrascan kpo hoax OR fake” and I didn’t find anything useful

      From the website, looks like ultrascan kpo is a legit business

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