How much to fix a dent on a Tesla?

In an article on CleanTechnica, the author tells the story of the arrival of his new Tesla Model 3. Excited, unfortunately, he bumps into a pole during parking, making this dent:

That’s too bad. It happens… How much will it take to fix it? 100 euros? 300 euros?

Well… despite the spare part costing 250 dollars, for the replace it you need to disassemble the entire front of the car, even the back of the car to disconnect the battery (for safety), then you need to recalibrate the proximity sensors for autonomous driving. For a total of THIRTY hours of work.

Then the piece must be repainted, but the metallic paint used is special and requires 3 coats, for other THIRTEEN hours of work.

With all this time needed for the repair so it was made a quote of $250 for spare parts and $6500 for labor.

Ouch! He was lucky because he had a total cover insurance, so he didn’t need to shell out all that money.

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