How to use a Resilio Sync code

Resilio Sync it’s a very good alternative to Dropbox or OneDrive, by allowing to share an unlimited amount of files, with any size.

It’s perfect for sharing photos of an event, because it allows you to choose a “read only mode”, so, there’s no risk that someone could delete public files or other.

How does it work? Who starts sharing sends a code like F1C85025ED5843DEA2B428B54A5B9992, which must be imported by who wants to gets the files.

I made a video to show where to insert the code:

Finally BB10 for the PlayBook!


Yes!!! It’s here!!! Finally, after one long year, BB10 for the PlayBook it’s here!!! Here are the new additions:

  • Runtime Android 4.2
  • USB Host and Dropbox/Box/Onedrive support
  • BB10 Keyboard
  • BBM
  • Cascades
  • + but still the same PlayBook design!!!

Quick, download it!!!

Update: this is an April’s fool. The BlackBerry PlayBook has been declared EOL and won’t get any more updates. Killed, will ever have this “half-baked” operating system. What a pity. 😢 But after more than 3 years, how we can pretend to get an update? Other brands stop giving updates after a few months…

Is Apple wrong with the iPhone 5c?

If today, wednesday 18th september 2013, we go on the Apple US page, we can see that we can preorder an iPhone 5c with home delivery for 20th september.

Every color, with every memory and carrier combination is still available. The possible combinations are 50, and only ten of them are delayed by a week.

It’s possible that Apple has imported from China so many iPhone 5c (millions?) in all possible variants to avoid preorder problems? And some reports are saying that production is low due to some problems with camera modules.

If you remember what happened with the iPhone 5, the waiting list was long, people had to wait until december! The new iPhone 5c has been announced last week and it’s not sold out yet? Usually Apple sells millions of units in preorders. Maybe there are too many colors and people want to see which one looks better in their hands? Or maybe because if you pay just $100 more you can get the 5s that has a much better quality?

Update 2017: Imho it was a failure, otherwise they would have made the 6c, 7c, and so on

What to do if a Laptop Key gets broken

Some time ago I lent my wonderful HP Core2Duo TC-4400 “Hybrid Tablet” to a friend.

“Just a few hours, really, I need it, don’t worry”

So I lent it, it was just an afternoon.

The night I got it back, I opened it and I started to type, everything looked ok… until I had to type “?”… the key falls in my hand!

“What the…?????” I shout, on the phone

“Oh, a key fall off? Really?”, they say.

I get to know that an ormament fell on the key from a shelf, breaking the retaining hooks on the key and on the lever.

“That’s so bad”, I was thinking… “this is a model I bought in the USA, it wasn’t on sale in Italy, I wonder where I can find the right replacement, and how much it will be!”

I used the keyboard without that key for a week, then I Googled for a fix.

I found and that will send a replacement for less than 5 euro!

Finding the right key was hard, because my model is rare, and it wasn’t listed on the website. Moreover, every model has 3-4 different kinds of retaining hooks, so you have to carefully look at the pictures on those websites…

After a week I got an envelope with my key. Another little trouble: in order to protect it during shipping, they preassembled it, so you have to carefully separate the key and the lever to mount it.

Once mounted, it’s great!

A 3d screen for the iPhone??

Do you remember the 3d cellphones? Thanks to 3DeeShell, it will be possible to view a 3d image also on an iPhone. This solution is an obvious simple solution: a lenticular film to apply on the screen, in this case embedded in a protective cover. When you use compatible software (well, they are just 3 programs, and are not free), it will be possible to get a three-dimensional vision of the image.


Is on sale for $50, but, for now, is more a proof-of-concept than an useful thing. Apple will never support this unofficial add-on, and third-party programmers also won’t; pay $50 for viewing a dozen of 3d images…

Moreover, it looks like it is needing to remove it for using the touchscreen, and also to have a plain vision. Is a kind of “amateurish” solution.

But, the designers are feeling confident in their idea, and it looks like they are about to launch a similar film for notebooks.

Update 20th september 2010: looks like this idea was a total failure, the website ( has already been closed. Well, when the film is applied, the iPhone is unusable, and the supported apps were… just one… and not free!

3d cellphones are coming!

Take a look to the new “WOOO” cellphone from au, Japanese mobile operator:


It has many awesome features:

  • Pivoting screen to show movies
  • DTV tuner with recording option
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • On-demand video, bluetooth audio streaming, microsd reader, “electronic wallet” feature, push mail, etc…

But, in Japan, this is “quite normal” features for a cellphone. 😎
The unique feature for this cellphone is the display!!! It is made by Hitachi, and it is an autostereoscopic 3d!! That means it can show 3d images without wearing any special glasses!!! 🙀
How it works? I saw a working example at the Shibuya NHK museum when i went to Japan in May 2008. 😜
Have you ever seen a lenticular image? That’s it, the concept is very similar, there is a pixel column that only the left eye can see, and another pixel column that only the right eye can see. The effect is spectacular!! That’s why it is named “WOOO” 😉
This opens great scenarios for gaming! The PSP will be outdated! 🎮

But… there is a small flaw in this system… if the head is slightly moving, the effect will vanish. The head must be stationary… it will be impossible to use this cellphone on a train or bus. However, at the Hitachi company, they know this defect, so this cellphone has a button to disable the 3d vision, and come back to the plain old 2d. 😁

Stop! I know you are planning a trip to Japan to buy this phone! Unfortunately you can’t: it is sold contract-only and it will only work on the Japanese CDMA2000 standard from au… 😭