A 3d screen for the iPhone??

Do you remember the 3d cellphones? Thanks to 3DeeShell, it will be possible to view a 3d image also on an iPhone. This solution is an obvious simple solution: a lenticular film to apply on the screen, in this case embedded in a protective cover. When you use compatible software (well, they are just 3 programs, and are not free), it will be possible to get a three-dimensional vision of the image.


Is on sale for $50, but, for now, is more a proof-of-concept than an useful thing. Apple will never support this unofficial add-on, and third-party programmers also won’t; pay $50 for viewing a dozen of 3d images…

Moreover, it looks like it is needing to remove it for using the touchscreen, and also to have a plain vision. Is a kind of “amateurish” solution.

But, the designers are feeling confident in their idea, and it looks like they are about to launch a similar film for notebooks.

Update 20th september 2010: looks like this idea was a total failure, the website (wazabee.net) has already been closed. Well, when the film is applied, the iPhone is unusable, and the supported apps were… just one… and not free!

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