What to do if Windows 8 does not run any app

(Long introduction, click here to jump to the solution)

Yesterday, when I was running Windows 8 in VirtualBox, I tried to run the default applications.

They hid all the classic application replacing them with others, more stylish, but less functional.

There is no calculator, but why use it when you can see the weather forecast in full screen with an animation of the clouds?

And then, why bother with complicated programs when you can play the piano in full screen with the mouse?

Anyway, with all of those really useful apps, the new user it’s very tempted to try them. So, I immedietely try the new Stocks app.

I click and nothing happens.

I click again, and nothing happens.

Wow, that’s more useful than I thought! 😅

After some minutes of trying some different settings, I discovered that the minimum resolution to open any application is 1024×768. The default resolution in VirtualBox, or with an unsupported video card is 800×600, too low to run any program except for Internet Explorer

So, if you want to run any Metro program, just increase the screen resolution:

  1. Click desktop and go to desktop
  2. Right click and choose screen resolution
  3. Increase the screen resolution

Done! Now you can enjoy the new apps! 😉

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