Valentine’s day in Japan

In Japan, during Valentine’s day, it’s a social obligation for girls to give Chocolate to boys. There are many different levels of chocolate gifts, from the “honmei-choco”, the “true love” chocolate, to the “giri-choco”, the “i give it to everyone otherwise they will be disapponted” chocolate.

In the NHK series “Home Sweet Tokyo” it’s explained in a fun way in the “True love Choco” episode

This series is fun and educational, but for some kind of reason, NHK deleted all the previous episodes, leaving just the latest 4…

This particular episode will be deleted in december, 2019. Watch it as soon as you can!

The wife is played by Yoshino Kimura, which is great, after seeing her “evil” in “My dangerous wife” and “Black Widow Business”

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