The real April Fools from the Google Japanese Input team

Like every year, the team behind Google’s Japanese keyboard for Android has come up with a new innovative way to write with the keyboard, drawing kana on a keyboard.

IThe video explains the mechanism in a funny way.

What’s more interesting, is that, as they did with the “flick keyboard”, this project actually exists, the source code is on GitHub, available for everyone!

Did you remember the joke “with morse code you type much faster“from Google (USA)? 4 faked screenshots, and nothing real… but obviously the japanese team created a real device 😂 (Video, source code)

And every year new, crazy ideas:

  • Write using a party horn (Video, source code) – perfect for when your hands are busy or it’s not appropriate to use vocal dictation (crying kid)
  • Write using bubble wrap like a punched card (Video, source code)
  • Write scrolling letter by letter on a flipping display, like the ones at stations and airports (Video, source code)
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