The least professional way to shutdown a service

On 30th august, the online notetaking service shut down for good.

How did I discover that? By reading this Springpad tweet! (from the competitors!)


They closed their service without sending an email to their users, they even didn’t tweet it!! Only reading a tweet by their competitor I got to know (3 days later) that they shut down the service!

Their latest public tweet is this retweet from their co-founder:

(A week before announcing the shutdown you boast about having 3.5 millions users? Bravo…)

And now? I lost 4 years of notes… thanks…

However, they aren’t the only one to behave like that. The TheOldReader guys on 5th august announced that they would have shutdown their website after two weeks. They didn’t send an email to their users also in this case. Hey, I’m in holiday vacation, I don’t check your blog everyday!!!

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