How to solve the Adobe Shared Technologies failed install problem

I wanted to try the Photoshop Elements demo (it’s on sale for cyber monday for just $40!), but it wasn’t working.

Searching on the Internet, it looks like it’s a common problem to have an error like those:

 “The wizard was interrupted before Adobe Photoshop Elements could be installed. Below mentioned application has failed to install: Shared Technologies.”

“The Adobe Premiere Elements installation wizard was interrupted while installing Shared Technologies.”

“The installation process has encountered an error while installing Shared Technologies.”

Why? The reason is simple, but it’s not explained by the error message.

The installer does not run correctly if it has more than 255 characters in the file path.

This is because, usually, the setup is run from d:\setup.exe , and a few people gets the error.

Instead, when you download a demo from the Internet, you can run it from a long path, as this:


The file path it’s too long, and it doesn’t work.

So, if you get this error while installing Adobe Shared Technologies, move the setup in another folder, for example c:\temp

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1 thought on “How to solve the Adobe Shared Technologies failed install problem

  1. Hi,
    I found a simple soln. It is 255 char limit of windows installation path. So I just moved all inst files to root of a folder name (PE) & it installed like a dream.
    I wonder why Adobe is shy of sharing such simple soln

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