How to use a Resilio Sync code

Resilio Sync it’s a very good alternative to Dropbox or OneDrive, by allowing to share an unlimited amount of files, with any size.

It’s perfect for sharing photos of an event, because it allows you to choose a “read only mode”, so, there’s no risk that someone could delete public files or other.

How does it work? Who starts sharing sends a code like F1C85025ED5843DEA2B428B54A5B9992, which must be imported by who wants to gets the files.

I made a video to show where to insert the code:

The least professional way to shutdown a service

On 30th august, the online notetaking service shut down for good.

How did I discover that? By reading this Springpad tweet! (from the competitors!)


They closed their service without sending an email to their users, they even didn’t tweet it!! Only reading a tweet by their competitor I got to know (3 days later) that they shut down the service!

Their latest public tweet is this retweet from their co-founder:

(A week before announcing the shutdown you boast about having 3.5 millions users? Bravo…)

And now? I lost 4 years of notes… thanks…

However, they aren’t the only one to behave like that. The TheOldReader guys on 5th august announced that they would have shutdown their website after two weeks. They didn’t send an email to their users also in this case. Hey, I’m in holiday vacation, I don’t check your blog everyday!!!

How to delete an Evernote account

Before finding the perfect app to taking notes on the go (Springpad), I signed up to Evernote. Unfortunately, if you don’t pay the yearly fee, the huge and bloated iPhone/Android app won’t allow you to see notes when offline. Bummer! IMMEDIATE UNINSTALL!

What I can do with an Evernote account? I want to delete it!

The bad news is that you can’t delete it.

You can only disable it and be placed in a “do not contact list”…  at least better than nothing…

Here are the instructions:

  1. Delete every note and personal info, because they won’t delete them
  2. Go at the page
  3. Login and confirm
  4. Done

Unfortunately it’s impossible to disable it permanently, if I try to login again, they ask me if I want to restore everything…


Learn Javascript with Codecademy

If you love to learn how to program in Javascript, you would be happy to know about Codecademy.

Maybe it’s too easy for who has some experience, but in the end it’s useful, and with the gamification of the lessons, it’s funny to collect all the badges, here is my profile, with all badges collected, hahaha).

If you don’t have any programming experience, it’s useful because it explains very well.

If you, like me, learned Javascript by yourself, it’s still useful; maybe sometimes it’s a little bit boring, but there is still something that you didn’t know about, for example I had no idea what a ternary operator was (Even if, during the rest of the course, you are asked to use the classic if-else in situations where the ternary operator will be perfect).

If you are a professional, this course it’s totally useless – maybe you can think about it as a typing lesson 😝

Right now there are only Javascript lessons, in future Python and Ruby courses will be added.