A ROM surprise

Two years ago, this post appeared on Reddit:

Satoru Okada, the guy who worked on the first game boy handhelds, shared a prototype Japanese rom which they used to test the game boy advance.

Tested by me on mgba and vba m, sadly the menus are written in Japanese so I don’t understand a thing.

I didn’t miss the opportunity, I immediately downloaded and put it aside, even if the name contained spelling errors (Bokojou Tengokou instead of Bokujou Tengoku). These things, you know, don’t last long, then the links start disappearing. In fact, aside from the fact that Zippyshare for some reason blocks all European users, that link is already dead.

I’m surprised, a 256 Mbit ROM (8 times larger than average) dating back 20 years???

Months pass and Bokojou Tengokou (Proto) (Japan).gba stands there “gathering dust” on the disc.

Until today, found it again, tried it and… the result left me really amazed, I didn’t think the GameBoy Advance could do things like that, I imagined it much more crude.

The ROM is available on Archive.org at the address: https://archive.org/details/BokojouTengokouProto or directly from here:

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