Which is the lightest Antivirus?

Update 2017:

The lightest antivirus is Windows Defender, preinstalled in every Windows version after 8, like Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and so on…

If you have a new PC, with Windows 10, you don’t have to install another antivirus, it’s already integrated and it’s good

Which Antivirus uses less memory?

Raymond.cc tried TWENTYFIVE of them, and saw which uses less memory: Avast!

Watching the ranking, you can see that, unbelievably, Norton, known to being very heavy (the latest I tried it’s version 2003), has got much better, arriving in fourth position, even scoring better than NOD32, known to being very light.

Moreover it looks like Norton now sells for just 12$?? Wasn’t it around $50 / year??

Adobe commits suicide?

Adobe just announced their plans for the future.

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and all their professional softwares have been discontinued, replaced by a “cloud” subscription version.

Well, for me, it’s like they disappeared from the market: I use Photoshop and other programs for my work, but usually I update every 2 versions, paying 5-600 euro every 4 years, with the big advantage that the software is mine, forever.

With their new pricing, now it’s a subscription, with prices that reach 100 euro monthly!!!!

Maybe for a big corporation a 100 euro subscription is small money, but for a small contractor like me it’s a LOT of money.

Maybe it’s because last year their revenue was “just” 4.4 billion of dollars, why not try to make more and more?

How to know the IP address on BlackBerry 10

retebb10If you want to know what is the IP address that is assigned on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone, just go in Settings, then tap on “About”, then select “Network” from the drop-down menu.

You will find the basic info, ip address on the Wi-Fi network and on the mobile network.

If you need more, go back on “Network Connections”, tap “Wi-Fi”, then “Advanced”

In the various tabs you will find also the gateway ip address, the dns servers, diagnostics, ping, traceroute and other advanced settings.