How to use a BitTorrent Sync code 

Sunday, January 25, 2015 4:41:00 PM Categories: Internet

BitTorrent Sync it's a very good alternative to Dropbox or OneDrive, by allowing to share an unlimited amount of files, with any size.

It's perfect for sharing photos of an event, because it allows you to choose a "read only mode", so, there's no risk that someone could delete public files or other.

How does it work? Who starts sharing sends a code like F1C85025ED5843DEA2B428B54A5B9992, which must be imported by who wants to gets the files.

I made a video to show where to insert the code:

More Arduino, more! 

Monday, January 12, 2015 12:57:00 PM Categories: Arduino

Ok, I'm getting addicted to this, after making interactive Xmas gifts with a Nokia 3310 LCD screen instead of the usual, boring greeting card (I'll publish the video... one day), I searched the web for lots and lots of fun projects to make.

First, I found a better store than Dealextreme: Banggood.

Not only they have more stuff, it's also cheaper!

I ordered:

BlackBerry closes its store for "maintenance"! 

Tuesday, December 02, 2014 6:50:00 PM Categories: BlackBerry


A few hours after my post, the store opened again, and the method to get the apps outside the "walled garden" is still working.

So it looks like it was a coincidence - real planned maintenance a few hours after a security issue.


On the CrackBerry forums xsacha opened uo the floodgates by releasing a way to download any app from the BlackBerry store on a PC, for "backup" or other less legit reasons.

A few hours laters, every BlackBerry in the world can't access anymore to the store, for planned maintenance.

Yeah... "planned"

Only in Japan: color-shifting bras 

Thursday, November 13, 2014 7:13:00 PM Categories: Japan

E-ink screens are on the market from many years. They use less energy, and are quite flexible, so Triumph used them to make an innnovative bra that can change its color from white to black. Just activate the switch and BOOM, color change!

Enough with words, the video shows the action much better.

This is the "sisters" kit (姉妹 - Shimai) inspired from Frozen - where the elder one gets the 姉 (Ane, elder sister) and the younger gets the 妹 (Imouto, younger sister). When they're nearby, BAM, the bra can change color.

This other video shows more:

Anyways, it looks like the screen is not flexible enough for the shape, they separated it in two halves and it still looks too hard. (Maybe that's why they chose skinny models?)

Fonte: Kyodo News


Saturday, November 08, 2014 6:20:00 AM Categories: Arduino

Last week I was excited that Dealextreme opened a warehouse in Europe.

Browsing the website I saw that there are a lot of Arduino accessories, the DIY programmable electronic platform. I was about to buy a Raspberry Pi B+, but the idea of having a full fledged Linux system just for doing, for example, a simple temperature logging circuit, looked like a waste for me.

Seeing the many components, I got a lot of nice ideas to make, that obviously I'll publish here, with circuits and source codes.

From the European warehouse I ordered:

  • An Arduino Nano (chinese clone, obviosly, since it costs just 7 euro)
  • A pair of breadboards to quickly do the circuit without using the solder. Moreover the Arduino Nano it's designed to be put on a breadboard to easily access its contacts
  • A breadboard power supply to put on the breadboard, for having current on the rails more easily, without jumpers (1,60 euro!!)
  • A lot of random resistors
  • A lot of random LEDs (here I could save some money by scavenging them from old circuit boards, but I was lazy)
  • A lot of male jumpers for the breadboard (here I could save too, if I just bought some telephone cable, but for 2,48€, this is nicer)
  • A lot of female jumpers (2,06 €, I could take them from old electronic connectors)
  • temperature sensor. The DHT11 model costs less than half the price, but reading the datasheet, it gives the temperature with a 1 degree tolerance... it can't be used to log reliably home temperatures. The one I chose, the DHT22, it's still a cheap sensor that gives temperature with an half degree tolerance. I'll just use it for see if my idea is feasible and then replace with a SHT15 (which, at $45, it's not fit for experiments...)

Then I ordered more from the Chinese warehouse, for the simple reason that was cheaper - meanwhile I have to learn how to use the platform, so if they arrive after 2 months it's still ok:

  • An Arduino Uno (still a chinese clone, because it sells for 5 euro)
  • A board with SD card reader and real time clock, designed to be placed over the Arduino Uno, for logging events.
  • mini breadboard that I'll glue over the logging board, so I don't have to mess with solder
  • A Nokia 3310 LCD display already soldered with a controller, ready for being used with the Arduino. Less than 3 euro, cool!
  • An USB voltmeter/amperometer to see if the output from my chinese USB power suppliers is right or not (maybe the circuit doesn't work because it gets 4.5 volts instead of 5, for example)

I'm eager to get this stuff, to make something cool!

41 free apps on Amazon!! 

Friday, October 31, 2014 5:44:00 AM Categories: Android BlackBerry

If you have an Android phone probably you already heard of the Amazon Appstore and their free app of the day.

To be honest, when I had my T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide, maybe due to the low memory available for apps, I tried it for a few days and then uninstalled it.

Now that I have a BlackBerry Z10, even if I can download apps from Google Play, I decided to try to find alternative ways to get apps and the Amazon Appstore looks perfect.

Yesterday night I open it to see what's the free app of the day and I see that... the free apps, until tomorrow, are 41!!! So many!!

I stayed up until 2 am downloading apps

There's Dealextreme also in Europe! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 6:47:00 PM Categories: China Gadgets

When I want to buy cheap chinese stuff, instead going on ebay, that's a scammer paradise, I always go on Dealextreme.

The main problem is getting the stuff. Italian mail is SLOW and something sent from China will arrive after MONTHS.

The great thing, is that there's free shipping on everything. I need a plug converter? Good, it's less than a dollar, with free shipping, no minimum to reach!

In August I needed a lithium battery for a Canon 1000D, I searched and I found one for $6. A few days after ordering it, I received this message:

We’re writing to inform you that the package RI********CN from your order 140908******1 has failed to pass the airline security check as it contains lithium batteries/knives or products that contain liquid which are now under extra scrutiny in world air cargo services.
We therefore have switched it to another delivery channel to ensure the order is sent to you as soon as possible.
Here is the new package tracking number RE*******SE.

Did you notice something different in the package tracking? I only noticed when I received it: there was a SWEDISH stamp???!?!

I go on the website to leave a review and I see now a small european flag.


I click it, I'm shocked! If it's shipped from Europe, that means I can get it in a few days!

But the rules are a bit different:

  1. The stuff is a bit more expensive (VAT?)
  2. Minimum order for free shipping is $30

But, going to see coupons, they gave me an 8 dollars one!


But the minimum amount is $50, what can I buy? I'm used to do $5 orders, 50 it's a lot. Also I need to understand what they mean with "coupons cannot be used with other discounts", because the hottest stuff is already carrying a discount...

Finally Spaces will be available also on Windows 

Saturday, September 13, 2014 1:08:00 PM Categories: Windows


This is a screenshot published by WinFuture, about the upcoming Windows 9 beta.

Finally multiple virtual desktops, OS X style, on Windows. I wonder which keyboard shortcut will they choose to show this view. F9?

StackMob + PayPal = hate 

Sunday, May 11, 2014 2:37:00 AM Categories: Internet

In September, I made a small accounting app for a company. To make it more "safe", instead to save data locally, I opted to save them on the cloud, to have them available on all devices.

I try some homemade solutions, as I liked to have total control over my data. Then, since there were many problems - security, reliability, speed - I chose to use a solution that's already done. I opened an account on

  • Kinvey
  • StackMob

and I evaluated all of them. I found them almost the same. At the time, Parse was recently acquired by Facebook, and StackMob was joking on their quality of service, publishing a guide to migrate to their servers. I trusted them, and I wasted some months developing my app over their cloud.

Then, in december, I go on their website and I read a shock news: StackMob is enthusiast to join PayPal!!! This is a disaster!!! PayPal/eBay is known to pay millions to buy companies to cripple them (for example: Stumbleupon) or even just close them!!!

What a pity…

I told myself: "Well, for my next apps, I'll use Parse, for now I gonna keep StackMob"

Then, just randomly, I go to see their website and I see that their service is under immediate closing!!! THEY CLOSE TODAY!!!! Again, a vital service shuts down without sending a fucking email to their customers!!! What the hell!!!

Luckily I managed to export my data, but I have to waste a lot of time to replace every StackMob function with a Parse equivalente.


What if Star Wars was an anime from the 80s? 

Saturday, January 04, 2014 1:41:00 PM Categories: Japan

What if in the 80s the Japanese did an anime based on Star Wars? How it would be? You can imagine it from this fake trailer: great!!

I'd watch every episode

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