After Windows Update, do you get error 0xc0000005?

Today I did Windows Update on my PC. I immediately saw that there was something wrong: it kept rebooting saying “error applying the update, aborting…” (or something like that)

After 30 minutes, it still was doing that loop, so I rebooted it.

BOOM! At startup I got a lot of errorsi 0xc0000005! Dropbox, Evernote, the Antivirus, even the Task Manager, would just give this 0xc0000005 error and just close!!!

In the beginning I blamed myself, I thought I was infected by some virus.

I was in panic, then I discovered that there is a “botched” update that renders your PC useless!

But, the fix is easy. Go to the start menu and write appwiz.cpl. You can open the uninstall programs panel. Select “show installed updates”. Search for that bastard, his name is KB2859537.

Right click on it, and then UNINSTALL. Restart your computer: now it should work! If it doesn’t, try removing the latest six updates.

The operating systems affected by this problem are Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

Nintendo 2DS?????

2dsI was thinking that was an hoax! A new Nintendo console to play 3D games on a 2D screen, with a “door stopper” design that’s impossible to put in pockets and take on the road! After the big gamepad-tablet on the Wii U, the great design geniuses conceive another monstrosity!

What do you think? In my opinion doesn’t make sense, for just $30 more it’s better to take the original 3DS.

Work in China

July 2nd, 2013. I am drinking an iced watermelon shake, sitting on a bench, in the shadows of a tree. I am in a public park in a city that would be unknown to most people. I relax, I watch other people enjoy their day.

Suddenly a girl comes to me and say “Excuse me, do you speak English?”
I answer, with my heavy Italian accent: “Yes, of course, why do you ask me about that?”
“Well, we are searching for an English teacher, if you need a job, just call this number”, she says, giving me a business card.
I wasn’t expecting such offer, so I just say “uh… but… but… my tourism visa expires next week”
“Don’t worry, if you come to our office, we can sign some papers and give you a working visa as soon as possible”
Very shyly I say: “Well… I’ll let you know”

I never got a such job offer like this, on the road, I wasn’t even searching for a job.
Probably, with a foreign teacher, that english school could brag with future students “hey, we have foreign teachers, we teach real english”. Probably some parents will pay a big extra to give to their kids the right education, at any price.