How to open a *.vem file

Very often, people give me a VEM file that they had on their USB drive

I am a bit stunned, what is a *.vem file??? 😕 The original file owner said it was a word file… 😖

It is very easy: USB drives from Sony, are bundled with a “compressor” software that automatically compresses files during file copy. So, you might believe to have copied a *.DOC file, you will end to have a *.VEM file on your MicroVault…

To decompress it, you have to use the bundled decompressor, but… what if you are using the drive in a guest computer? Or what if you have received a VEM file by email?

So easy, just download the VEM Decompressor! No install, plain and easy, just select the file that you need to decompress, and you are done! 😎👍

The best video converter EVER!

SUPER is an awesome video converter. It can convert any kind of video without problems. Even rare containers like *.NSV, *.STR, *.VIV!

It can produce any video format:


Once chosen the video container format, we choose the video codec, the audio codec, the video resolution, the framerate, the bitrate, and presto! In just a few minutes, it converts ANYTHING!


SUPER (acronym of “Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer”), can be downloaded from the official Website, but, that Website is a kind of a mess, so you can download it from here (version updated to April 2009).

Update 18th august 2016: their latest installer contains adware. Be careful and read carefully what are you agreeing to, don’t install toolbars and other useless and deceiving adware.