1Q84I just read 1Q84, by Murakami Haruki. Reading the 700 pages was very exciting: I read it without knowing absolutely anything about the content (I chose it because I liked the cover) and it’s one of those books where everything is revealed in the end. The asked me “what’s that book? What’s the story?”, I had to reply “I dunno, there are two people, but I don’t know how they can relate each other” until I got around half book.

To be honest, when I got to the end of the book I was disappoined and I shouted “what the f*ck!”: I felt like that book reviewer inside this story, after reading the fictional book Air Chrysalis , wrote a disappointed review like

A very interesting story, keeps engaged until the end, but we still don’t know what’s the Air Chrysalis and the Little People

Disappointed, I google for an explanation, because how a detailed book like this could have such a short ending?

Luckily, looks like the story will continue in a third volume, not yet translated from japanese! (In Utaly the publisher merged the first two books in one volume, I don’t know about other countries) I’m eager to read it!

Emoji on Windows 7!

emoji updateistartedsomething let me know that, thanks to the update 2729094, finally Microsoft added the japanese emoji in Windows 7!!!

What are the emoji? It is a set of smileys and symbols very popular in japanese messages. It is gaining popularity in western countries as the iPhone made simple to use them.

Once installed the update, go to the test page to check if you can see them (not all are supported).

I was waiting this from years!

Shame on Microsoft to describe the update as “Install this to solve problems in Windows”.

I wonder if Microsoft has ever see how Apple behaves. Ma in Microsoft hanno mai visto come fa Apple? Why write solve problems, while a new feature is added??? Why not write “new emoji feature added”???

In this way it looks like Windows has a lot of problems, every month it requires a dozen of patches to fix them…